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The following information is provided to help you in your decisions with regards to plating as well as to help educate the consumer as to which metals can or cannot be plated.

  • STEEL:

    All types of steel can be plated. However, some things to consider before plating. Deteriorated, rusted as well as old steel will influence the final finish. Holes, cracks, dents as well as the composition of the existing steel will effect the outcome as well. Cast iron, because of its porous and rough surface may not polish out to a mirror finish. Extensive repairs can be performed as needed.
  • BRASS:

    Brass lends itself to plating extremely well. Cracks, dents and holes can all be repaired fairly easily.

    For the best results possible, billet aluminum plates best. By its very nature, cast aluminum is very porous and pitting is always a problem. Chrome plating will not cover pitting. We ask that before processing your order where pitted cast aluminum is involved, that you contact us directly by phone first. Using our process of acid copper plating coupled with hand polishing, most pitting can be removed. Ultimately, depending upon the cast itself will determine the final outcome.

    Cast aluminum , by its very composition will have some pitting due to the casting procedure. New intakes plate the best. We will notify you if your intake is excessively pitted. We can and do plate used intakes. However, old intakes (with many miles) often absorb oil and gas into the part itself resulting in additional pitting.

    Because of the natural deterioration of this type of metal, much work and time is inevitable and most often required. Cracks and simple dents can be repaired. Extensive repairs can be achieved by hand filling and polishing. We have professional craftsmen, who are well skilled in these types of restorations. At this point it should be noted that not all items within this category lend themselves to plating. Consultation with our staff will help you to decide to plate or not.

    Before plating, all needed repairs should be well marked on bumper. The process begins with the bumper being stripped down to the bare metal and glass beaded on the back side. It is then polished and copper plated and buffed to a mirror finish and triple plated with copper, nickel and chrome. It should be well noted here that the better condition of the bumper to be plated, the better the results. Hand blocking is available at an hourly rate of $90.00.

    Should you decide that you prefer polishing rather than chrome plating, we can custom polish your parts. We custom polish a wide variety of items such as aluminum blowers, intakes, rear ends as well as stainless steel items. We also polish brass and copper parts.

    We offer straightening and repairs such as the removal of dents and dings to wide variety of metal objects such as family treasures and antiques.
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