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At Royal Silver we are capable of delivering that show quality chrome for automotive, marine, home goods, and more. Our core specialty is chrome plating and refinishing.

  • Automotive Chrome Refinishing:

    At Royal Silver we have been helping our clients bring old pitted chrome finishes back to life. We utilize the latest in technology coupled with old school craftsmanship to restore any size piece of chrome to better than original quality finish. Give us a call today to discover how we can make your next show car or truck outshine the competition!
  • Marine Metal Refinishing and Marine Chrome:

    Salt air is tough on your boat. When it's time for restoration think Royal Silver. We have been helping to bring marine grade metal back to life for decades. Our marine chrome refinishing is second to none and our turn around times are fast. No matter how big or small your marine metal or marine chrom part is we can refinish it and give it that show room shine you have been looking for.
  • Chrome Plating:

    Royal Silver specializes in Chrome Plating for cars, trucks, boats, home goods, buildings, and more! Whatever your chrome refinishing needs may be we can help. We are one of the oldest and largest chrome refinishers on the east coast and can handle large volume or small pieces.

    Before plating, all needed repairs should be well marked on bumper. The process begins with the bumper being stripped down to the bare metal and glass beaded on the back side. It is then polished and copper plated and buffed to a mirror finish and triple plated with copper, nickel and chrome. It should be well noted here that the better condition of the bumper to be plated, the better the results. Hand blocking is available at an hourly rate of $90.00.

    Should you decide that you prefer polishing rather than chrome plating, we can custom polish your parts. We custom polish a wide variety of items such as aluminum blowers, intakes, rear ends as well as stainless steel items. We also polish brass and copper parts.

    We offer straightening and repairs such as the removal of dents and dings to wide variety of metal objects such as family treasures and antiques.
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